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Shelves are made to hold things, and that is exactly what these do!


The shelves our shop builds come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, but their best quality is - they are strong! When I made the shelf in the picture, I figured if it could hold me, it would be more than sufficient to hold anything a customer would want to put on it.


The shelf in the picture was originally crafted from the support timbers of an old grain bin with dimensions of 3 inches thick, 12 inches wide, and 10 feet long. Shelves can be made custom to any length desired.


Built with quality and function in mind, the shelves we handcraft for clients can hold large stacks of books, heavy lamps and decorations, shop tools, cafe mugs, weighty winter clothes, and large restaurant platters. They are made to carry a substantial amount of weight while still maintaining a peaceful, rustic air.


Need a little different design than the one shown in the pictures? Creations of the Heartland specializes in making custom shelves for our clients. Contact us with any questions or for a FREE quote.

Floating Shelf

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