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Andrew and Emily Peterson


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“It’s my goal to provide a living for my family, doing work that I love, using the talents that God gave me, to produce a good quality product so that my clients get the best product for their needs,” - Andrew Peterson, owner and craftsman.


At an early age, Andrew gained a love for preserving barnwood and turning the old into something new to last for generations to come.

Over the years Andrew has had the opportunity to develop his woodworking skills on a number of projects, and in October of 2015 after he and Emily were married, he decided to leave his family's construction business to pursue woodworking full time.


Andrew’s passion to reclaim wood and metal met a need that others could not. Even if customers did find shops to make them custom furniture and cabinetry, most did not focus production on quality items.


“The reason I went into this business is not just for the love of it,” Andrew confessed. “At the time, everyone was into the DIY projects, but they were junk. I knew I could do better.”


After almost six years of growing both the trade and his little family, now four, Andrew designs almost any type of furniture and cabinetry imaginable.


Individuals and businesses come to the shop to have high-end pieces built. They trust Creations of the Heartland to produce original pieces of quality and beauty.


For example, one family asked Creations of the Heartland to design and build a headboard out of the barn on their old family farm. Working skillfully, Andrew was able to use his God given skills to gather the memories and repurpose them. The results - a truly one of a kind heirloom that would live on for many years.


Andrew and Emily love working together in business to help customers preserve memories like these.


Creations of the Heartland takes people’s dreams and gives them back as reality.


If you are interested in our business and how we can serve you, contact us!

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