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A counter top is a place to get work done and, sometimes, to add an aesthetic touch to a room. Whether that means displaying items at a business, receiving clients at a service establishment, or simply providing a work space in your kitchen, counters are here to help us carry out our activities.


Well-built and made to order - these epoxy counters can be hand crafted out of practically any species of new or reclaimed wood available and designed to the exact size and style you need.


Because the countertops are covered with an epoxy coating, they are very durable and water resistant.


The price for an epoxy countertop is around $600.00, depending on the type of wood, finish, and style desired.


Need a little different design than the one shown in the pictures? Creations of the Heartland specializes in making custom wood pieces for our clients. Contact us with any questions or for a FREE quote.

Counter Top - Epoxy Coated

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