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This river table comes with matching benches!


A river table is one of the most beautiful pieces we build for customers. It provides them with not only a place to eat meals, but with its natural wood and modern epoxy combination, a river table delivers on class.


With the beauty of this table also comes durability. The top is covered with a clear, satin, conversion varnish for durability and the metal legs welded with high end craftsmanship here at the shop.


River tables are one of the best pieces to choose, when it comes to reclaimed lumber, because they showcase the value of something that would have otherwise been discarded. A river table reclaims the beauty of old lumber.


The river table in the pictures was originally crafted as a showstopper piece for something to catch the eye of people walking by - it did just that, and it was a joy to make!


If you are a person who admires the beauty, art, and skill of bringing wood and epoxy resins together, consider how we can help you with a custom river table.


The table set shown is only $5,500.


Need a little different design than the one shown in the pictures? Creations of the Heartland specializes in making custom river tables for our clients. Contact us with any questions or for a FREE quote.

River Table

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